The Construction of Teaching Staff

 Implementing the strategy which the talents may improve the college

 Building the high quality teaching staff

 “A great institution of higher education does not account for its grand buildings, but also, more importantly, its giant academic masters.” The ability of teaching staff is vital to improve the quality of the higher vocational education. The college proposes three projects—The Teaching Staff Construction Projects of Heilongjiang College, the Proposal of Bring in Advanced Talents and The Plan of Strengthening the Moral Integrity of Teachers resulting from the following aims: to begin with, the college may make the professional abilities of teachers meet the new teaching demand of the higher vocational education; then, it will make the trained students serve the society well and make the class learning applied to the professional jobs; furthermore, the college will satisfy the need of the construction-oriented , competency-based, product-finished applicable talented person for the construction industries or enterprises all over the country or the province; finally, the college plans to achieve the goal of close cultivating and easy employment for graduates. The college adopts the constructivism principle to improve the comprehensive qualities and abilities of the staff through cultivating the teachers’ five kinds of capabilities which conclude the abilities of researching the teaching theory, professional fulfillment, practical teaching, scientific research and improving the academic level. Every full-time teacher in the college in line with their own conditions formulates the three-year plan to promote the five abilities according to requires of the college. In addition, the college enriches the teaching staff through bringing in advanced talented person of experts from enterprises and Doctors, while each major invites a multitude of experts and engineering technical person as part-time teachers. The proportion of guest professors invited by the college has exceeded 40%. Since the project of the national demonstrative vocational colleges was under construction, the college has successively sent 150 teachers to Assumption University of Thailand, 120 teachers to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 4 teachers to USA, 2 persons to England, 30 to Germany, 10 people to Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic University and 180 teachers to other colleges over the country, 400 young and middle-aged teachers to enterprises and 70 people to kinds of Party School and Youth League School. Meanwhile, 130 experts and scholar have been invited to college to do special coaching. Thus, teacher’s view, political caliber and professional proficiency have been improved drastically, so the high-morality and practical teaching staff was formed. The college owns a reasonable structured group of teachers among whom “full-time and part-time teachers” and “double-professionally-titled teachers” account for a high proportion. In this group of teachers, there are 577 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 60 professors and 223 associate professors. The proportion of “the double-competency” or “the double-certificate” teachers achieves above 90%. 8 teachers were granted the honor of the Provincial Teaching Masters, 3 were outstanding teaching rookies, 1 was conferred the honor of the provincial teaching expert. The college owns about 60 academic leaders and more than 120 teachers were entitled “The Backbone Teacher”. 29 teachers obtained registered architects. The college has 2 post-doctors, 9 doctors among whom there are 7 are learning on campus. In addition, the college possesses one National Teaching Team, 4 Provincial Outstanding Teaching Team and 2 National Quality Courses. The college also was conferred 274 awards of scientific researches, 111 provincial application teaching achievement prizes, 10 national patents and more than 1000 papers on the public journal. By now, 37 textbooks are listed as the 11th Five-Year National Programmed Textbooks. There were 55 textbooks for the construction of the national demonstrative project. 73 textbooks were granted the provincial excellent research achievement prizes.